About Us

Ryan and Nicci Brelje are the owners of 701 Cleaning, a family-run company in Bismarck North Dakota. Their goal is to make their clients and employees feel like family.

Ryan has close to 10 years of experience working in the cleaning industry. He started out cleaning on his own with just a ladder and some rags and with Nicci's help, has built 701 Cleaning to what it is today with 12 employees and a brand new office in downtown Bismarck. Nicci has 10 years of experience as a journalist as well as in Public Relations, event planning, branding, and marketing. She's also a board member for the Dakota Children's Advocacy Center and serves as an active member in the Recovery community. She recently quit her corporate job in local television to help run the family business.

With their combined expertise they strive to be the best cleaning company in the area. They have been married 3 years, have 2 beautiful daughters, and love traveling, kayaking, and spending time with family.